Huiles & Baumes Alpine SOS Balm
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This Alps SOS Balm is the perfect families’ companion. Conceived on a basis of Arnica, Helichrysum and Ravintsara, it favours cellular renewal. It helps the fragilised or irritated areas of face and body, to relax the strained muscles. This balm attenuates the small pains, the bruises, the scratches or the blows… Its pot out of glass, of a practical and pleasant format, slips easily into a travel or sport bag. It can be available on a shelf at home, available for all the family members: don’t forget its evocative name "Alpine SOS Balm"! Its unctuous texture slightly camphorated provides desire for using it again and again for its immediate action… and also as it is reminding childhood’s memories!

• Anti-pain and healing action of the Arnica maceration.
• Toning, stimulating and anti-inflammatory action of the Ravintsara, the Peppermint and the Helichrysum essential oils.
• Other ingredients: Coco, Jojoba, Rose Hip from Chile, Carapa, Callophylum, Argan.

- 100% of the total ingredients from natural origin.
- 65.1% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming.
- 67.8% of the total ingredients are active.