Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow (20 Colours)
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Eye Shadow+Couleur Caramel Bio Mineral Powder (Light Beige)

A silky velvety eye shadow made with micronised powder containing a high level of pigments.

100% natural ingredients

7.7% plant-based active ingredients in the pearly range


3.3% plant-based active ingredients in the matt range


Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, phenoxyethanol-free, no oil-derived products or PEG.




Silky, velvety texture


Extremely easy application and working with the colours is easy as well


Incredible hold thanks to shea butter and micronisation


Professional quality high pigment content.




To enjoy playing with colours to subtly modify your look, make it more intense or simply more luminous and sparkling.


Play with intensity, natural effects, shaded tones or more daring colours and contrasts.


How to apply


Use the shading brush to apply the matte eye shadows. Use the sponge brush to apply the pearly or glittery ones. Use the orbit brush to easily blend colours and eliminate lines. Use the eye shadow brush with slanted top to create lines with the eye shadows at the root of the eyelashes (using an eyeliner). To get more intensity, wet the brush before dipping it in the eye shadow.


Active ingredients


Organic grape seed oil : protects skin.


Organic shea butter : moisturises, revitalises and regenerates.


Organic sunflower seed oil : moisturises and restructures.


Silica from seaweeds : regenerates elastin and collagen.


Red tea extract or Rooibos : a plant-based and anti-oxidant.


Vitamin E from plants : natural anti-oxidant, prevents skin ageing.


Organic Soya oil : Anti-ageing, film-producing properties.


Olive-derived oil : brings suppleness and a silky touch to the skin.


Karanja seed oil : moisturises and restructures.