Couleur Caramel Eye and Lip Pencil
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Eye Liner +Couleur Caramel Bio Mineral Powder (Light Beige)

Made from natural ceruse finished Californian cedar. Thanks to the extruded formula of the pencil, application is gentle and pleasant, doesn't cause irritation, and gives a perfect wear.

100% natural ingredients.


54.8% plant-based active ingredients.


Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, phenoxyethanol-free, no oil-derived products nor PEG.



To make your eyes more intense by applying the pencil on the eye contour.


To widen the eyes by applying light colours such as turquoise, pink or white on the insides of the eyes.


Applied to the contours of the lips, you’ll define the outlines of the lipstick or gloss, keeping them from «running».





Contains plant-based active ingredients


Excellent application


Precise line thanks to its half-hard pencil


A fully natural product, rich in repairing and protecting active ingredients


Excellent wear


How To Apply


Make your look more intense by applying the pencil all around the eyes.




Active ingredients


Beeswax : protects and regenerates.

Organic shea butter : moisturises, revitalises, regenerates


Bisabolol : heals, improves the skin’s moisturising capacity.


Vegetable E vitamin : a natural anti-oxidizing, prevents from skin early ageing.

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