Couleur Caramel Free Powder
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Makeup Base/ Foundation+Couleur Caramel Bio Mineral Powder (Light Beige)



Micronised powder. Recommended for oily skin because of its lightweight texture.

100% natural ingredients.


Contains vegetable actives.


Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, phenoxyethanol-free, no oil-derived products or PEG.




To fix, mattify and even out the complexion all day long.




Lightweight texture for better distribution and spreading of colour




Protects skin from outside aggressions (sun, cold, wind and pollution)


Easy application after a day-cream


How to apply


Apply the free powder to the whole face with a powder puff. Extremely effective, it will not leave marks after a day-cream, make-up base or foundation.


Active ingredients


Organic grape seed oil : rich in essential fatty acids.


Silica from seaweeds : regenerates elastin and collagen.


Organic sunflower seed oil : moisturises and restructures.


Arctic blackberry : rich in omega 3 and 6 (essential fatty acids).


Vitamin E from plants : a natural anti-oxidant.


Organic Shea butter : moisturises, revitalises and regenerates.


Karanja seed oil : moisturises and restructures.