Couleur Caramel Tonic Lotion
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Cleanser+Couleur Caramel Bio Mineral Powder (Light Beige)



Used after the cleansing milk, this lotion will remove any remaining impurities, traces of make-up or dead skin cells, and will awaken your complexion.

98.8% natural ingredients.


10.7% plant-based active ingredients.


10.6% organic ingredients.


Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, phenoxyethanol free, no oil-derived products nor PEG.




To complete cleansing and at the same time tone the skin.


Directions for use


Soak a cotton pad in the lotion. Wipe it over your entire face and neck to perfectly remove any trace of make-up and awaken your complexion.




Decongests cell tissues


Ideal for eye contour and sensitive areas.


Active ingredients


Field horsetail : has an antiseptic effect.


Organic cornflower water : soothes and decongests.


Organic anise water : uplifting and relaxing

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