A4 Day Watch SPF20
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A4DAY WATCHis an innovative day cream with SPF 20 and potent antioxidants developed to shield skin from the aging effects of the sun and the elements. This fine-tuned balance of cutting edge, skin-friendly chemical and physical filters provides moderate protection from UVA-/UVB-rays. The formula, enriched with anti-aging ingredients, neutralizes environmental skin damage. A4DAY WATCHprotects the skin from wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation, from loss of both elasticity and moisture.


Moroccan ARGAN OIL* reduces wrinkles by spurring cell regeneration and stimulating cell metabolism. AVOCADO OIL** creates a natural barrier from the elements reducing skin irritation and strengthening the dermis. Handmade, unrefined and ecologically certified SHEA BUTTER regenerates the skin. A highly effective combination of FERULIC ACID (from rice), CARNOSIC ACID (a rosemary extract) and PHOSPHATE (from sugar beets) protects from sun damage by activating the self-repairing and protecting mechanism within the cell itself. A high-potency ANTIOXIDANT substance combination promotes 24-hour protection by neutralizing free radicals before they can damage young cells. An extract from SWISS GARDEN CRESS** aids the skin’s natural detox capability, while blocking melanin production and preventing discoloration. HYALORONIC ACID* moisturizes the skin and protects against moisture loss leading to tight, dry skin. BETAINE*, ALOE VERA** and Bio-GLYCERIN enrich and calm the skin.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply mornings on clean skin. Reapply regularly during sport and when swimming.


Dermatologically tested. We intentionally forego the use of paraffin, vaseline, SLES, silicones and parabens.