A4 Enzyme Peeling powder
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The A4 Enzyme Peeling Powder gives skin an even tone and a fresh soft feel. The exfoliating powder removes dead skin cells and toxins. Skin is more quickly regenerated as new cells produced below the epidermis are more quickly exposed. The skin is visibly smooth and even-toned. The pores are refined, an even complexion is revealed and the skin is prepared for absorption of subsequent skincare products.


With regular use, pores are permanently refined, fine lines are reduced and skin begins to glow from within. The peel of Argan fruit cleanses and refines pores, giving a perfect complexion.


Key Ingredients:


Argan Oil stimulates cell activity and renewal with its spectacularly high levels of vitamin A and E.


Activating Enzymesgently remove dead skin cells, thereby refining the pores, giving an even complexion and preparing the skin for absorption of subsequent skincare products.


Aloe Veraprovides the skin with moisture.


The Peel of Argan Fruitremoves horny cells and impurities, stimulating the skin's cell activity.