Bee2 Yellow Box Honey
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Innovative Design

Our innovative design of Bee2 Australian honey packaging provides the most convenient way for our customers to enjoy our honey.
The design of our honey straw is easy to use, hygienic and suitable for any occasions and locations.

Yellow Box Honey

We collect our honey from the Northeast of New South Wales, Australia. The environment of the national parks (Virgin Forest), gives our honey equivalent to organic honey in terms of quality.

The unique flavour and texture of our honey comes from a eucalyptus tree called Yellow Box (Eucalyptus Melliodora).

  • Yellow Box is widely regarded as premium honey in Australia
  • Light amber in color
  • Good in density and is slightly turbid

Yellow Box has a most pleasing characteristic aroma and delicate flavour.

  • 100% premium pure honey
  • Low level of moisture
  • Convenience
  • No cleaning
  • No mess
  • In control of consumption every time
  • US FDA approved packaging


There is no -

  • Preservative or additives are needed to keep Bee2 honey fresh
  • Added sugar
  • Added flavour
  • Artificial color

We do not -

  • Employ artificial feeding methods
  • Heat our honey during extraction and packing, ensuring the goodness stays in
  • Extract honey from the bee hives until it is ready, ensuring the honey has a low level of moisture
  • Feed antibiotics to the bees

We only -

  • Supply pure Australia honey
  • Use US FDA approved material to pack our honey


A lot of people like to drink honey, but not everyone knows honey.

  1. It is best to use warm water for honey, the temperature should not be higher than 40 Degree Celcius, or the honey will be sour.
  2. Do not keep in the fridge, low temperature would speed up of crystalization, you may place in a cool place away from sun light.