Huiles & Baumes Radiance Serum For Face
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Every day, cells are subject to oxidation, imperfections, redresses and dark spots are formed on the surface of the skin. These irregularities are due to passed aggressions, sunstrokes, micro-scars and lesions that left traces in the cellular memory of your skin. “Radiance Serum for Face” was designed to bring back and keep a unified, luminous and brighter skin texture. Formulated with natural and organic vegetal ingredients such as Rose Hip, Cucumber, Lemon… and ACTIVALPES®*, this serum proceed naturally on the complexion by unifying, clarifying, helping to attenuate and correct the dark spots while smoothing and brightening the skin. ACTIVALPES® is an exclusive ingredient to Huiles & Baumes formulated with Alpine flowers and plants such as Edelweiss, Arnica, Genépi by using their huge natural antioxidant properties. The purity of the Alpine spring water contributes as well to an optimal skin’s moisturization helping to preserve and recover a regenerated and rested complexion.

· Age correcting, antioxidant, moisturization and healing action of ACTIVALPES®
· Anti-aging, healing and collagen stimulus of Aloe Vera
· Anti-spot, age correcting and healing action of the Rose Hip oil.
· Detoxifying, strengthening and healing action of Lemon
· Smoothing action of Cucumber
· Clarifying, unifying and anti dark spot action of Gigawhite®.

- 99.3% of the total ingredients from natural origin.
- 78.9% of the total ingredients from Organic Farming.

* Ecological and Organic Cosmetics certified by ECOCERT SAS 32600 L'ISLE-JOURDAIN