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Couleur Caramel Bio Mineral Powder (Light Beige)
Couleur Caramel Bio Mineral Powder (Light Beige)
$29.29  $27.83



Calendula Creme/ Nourishing Facial Creme/ Kakadu Plum and Honey Masque/ Antioxidant Facial Oil/ Cleasing Lotion/ Floral Toner

Girls, have to tell you what I think about Mukti... .have only been using it since Monday arvy, but it is really lovely. The calendula crème is quite thick but it soaked in pretty quickly, very very nourishing. The red scaly eczema like areas have settled quite a bit, still there, but I bet by the end of the week they'll be gone. I didn't order the nourishing facial crème but got a sample, now this is an excellent day cream for me here in this muggy humid weather. When it first went on it was a little sticky but only for a few minutes. Now I can't feel it at all, but there is a smooth soft feel. Tried the sample of rosehip eye gel, again sticky for a few minutes but disappeared. I did purchase the kakadu plum and honey masque - totally different to any other masque I've ever used, and it leaves the skin feeling creamy not stripped. The antioxidant facial oil I'll be able to incorporate with the cream which I've just ordered with cleansing lotion and floral toner. A little bit of these products sure goes a long way I did find... these products from Miss Mooktee are very different, can be used by ALL ages...

Lyn 2008



Antioxidant Facial Serum/ Antioxidant Facial Oil/ Floral Hydrating Mist Toner

Department Head Makeup Artist Teresa Austin for "Miracles", a one-hour Drama from the Producer of X-Files, David Greenwalt. (an investigative series set to air Jan 2003) has chosen the Mukti Botanicals range as her preferred skincare product. She wanted to find a veritably natural Australian made product that would assist with hydration as most of the cast are smokers.

The cast leads are Skeet Ulrich, Angus Macfadyen, Sybil Temchen. Her last two films as Department Head Makeup Artist were:

  • K-Pax- Starring Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges
  • Enough- Starring Jennifer Lopez, Billy Campbell

Her favourite products are antioxidant facial serum, antioxidant facial oil (which is also brilliant for removing eye makeup) and the floral hydrating mist made from organic rose petals.


Sebogel Acne Treatment

"I thought that I would just let you know I was chatting with a client last night and she was telling me how overjoyed she was with all the products. She loves them so much and she recommends them to all her friends. She is just so excited about how amazing her skin looks and feels. Her favourite product is the Sebogel, she can't believe just how well it works on those little pimples that come up around "that time of the month". She wanted me to let Mukti and the whole team know just how much she loves the skin care and thank you for making such a great product.

I think some times you really need to hear that you are doing a really good thing. I know it sounds really sappy - but your product has helped to change my business (and my life) and now I am starting to see how it's changing so many other peoples lives, you really need to remember that you are amazing! For me to hear where you started a few years ago gives me the hope that I will be able to go on and become successful.

Kristie Melling, Peachy Body Clinic, Annerley QLD






Mukti Rosehip Eye Gel / Rejuvenating Eye Balm

I work at a computer for up to 12 hours a day and suffer badly from puffy eyes and dark circles. I have tried just about everything,including a tiny jar of eye cream that cost $120 and only made the puffiness worse and made my eyes water and sting.  A friend of mine who has beautiful skin suggested that I try the products that she uses and loves, the Mukti rosehip eye gel for day and the rejuvenating eye balm for night. It has been a little over 2 weeks and I am already starting to see a huge difference, particularly in the puffiness, and my eyes don’t feel sore or gritty anymore either.  Another bonus is that I can see a difference in my crows feet too –  YAY !!  I am so impressed with your products and only need to use a small amount so they should last a very long time and are great value for money for such high quality certified organic products.  I am so excited to have been introduced to Mukti and am really looking forward to trying many other Mukti products.

 Amanda P. from Ballarat - June 2011


Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Facial Scrub

June 30, 2009

Hi, my name is Hector Nava. I am 17, and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I've been a fan of your products on Facebook for a while now. The Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Facial Scrub was the first ever Pangea Organics product that I used. After hearing about your products from a friend, I decided to purchase the scrub. The first time I used the scrub was in the shower after getting home from work late in the evening. I've used different scrubs throughout the years. One that I've stuck with was the Apricot one; however, the ingredients in the Apricot scrub were too harsh and rough on my sensitive skin. That limited the usage of the Apricot scrub for the sake of my skin's health. Not more than 10 seconds passed after I applied the Pangea Organics Facial Scrub a clean, natural, fresh scent rose from the steam in the shower and into my senses. I automatically fell in love with the flavor and the fact that the ingredients were natural and did not over dry my skin.

Hector Nava

Chicago, IL



Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Facial Mask

June 30, 2009

Pangea’s Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Facial Mask is absolutely exquisite. I love to smear the dark green, muddy stuff all over my face with that sweet earthy smell about me. Taking it off is actually my favorite part of the process. A hot, steaming wash cloth is my favorite tool for removal, which allows for a wonderful exfoliation in the end. Clean, soft, glowing, and radiant - this is how my skin looks and feels after I use the mask, and I get that inner happiness giddiness in my heart. You know, like let's dance cheek to cheek.


Amber Widom
Boulder, CO




Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit & Sweet Orange

June 10, 2009

"[Pangea Organics lip balm] is quite possibly the best lip balm that I have ever tried. The Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit & Sweet Orange is my favorite."

-Summer Rayne Oakes

July 1, 2009


And I am not kidding - sooths the lips and is like the Energizer Bunny, it keeps going and going and going...except the lip balm is not toxic!! My favorite is Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit and Sweet Orange. Thank you Pangea!

Carrie Murphy Littleton, CO







Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Lip Balm

June 30, 2009

I am a lip balm addict. Ever since I was a little girl, you would never find me without my trusty lip balm in tow. I have tried them all; the generic chap-stick, good old bonnie bell, the generic seasonal lip balms, and even the yucky carmex stuff. I have a soft spot in my heart for each of them, but never felt like they were "doing the job," but rather just soothing the problem. That all changed the day I tried Pangea Organics' Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Lip Balm. It was as if the angels were singing the first time I put it on my sad, sore lips. The light rose and citrus fragrance was lovely, and the soothing effect was even better. I am a changed woman now and will never go back to anything but my Pangea lip balm. Thank you so much for making my lip balm soul mate.

Cara Grimsley
Denver, CO





French Rosemary with Sweet Orange Facial Toner

July 13, 2009

Pangea Organics French Rosemary with Sweet Orange Facial Toner for Thirsty Skin is the best! My face breaks out to most anything, and this is the one product that not only doesn't make me break out but puts me at ease after putting it on. The light fragrance is just enough to calm and cool me down; what a great way to start your day...calm and cool. They say that whatever energy you begin your day with will effect the rest or your day. Oh and I can't wait to see what pops up from my plantable box! Thank you for keeping things simple, fresh and fun...your company’s full vision is an inspiration for a global vision: keep things simple, full of quality and in line with nature and package things in a way that educates and continues the expansion process.

 Jennifer Waters, Encinitas, CA



Malagasy with Lemongrass and Ginger Body Oil

June 30, 2009

I received your Malagasy with Lemongrass and Ginger Body Oil as a gift a few months back, and I have a few things to say about it. It is more amazing than you advertise! I use it on everything from my skin to my hair! I not only use it daily on my hands and legs, but I have also found that a small dab of the oil makes my hair really soft and keeps it from frizzing much better than any hair product out there. Not to mention when I go surfing (which is daily), it keeps my hair from getting tangled and dry. Thank you for creating such a beautiful product. I am getting ready to plant my box, and I am excited to see the fruits of your labor. Keep up the good work!

Much love and peace,

Joce Camille
Hermosa Beach, CA






Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Facial Scrub / Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Facial Cream

June 30, 2009

I received a sample kit of your facial care products at the Green Fest in Chicago. They made my face feel so soft and smooth that I had to order the Egyptian Geranium with Adzuki Bean & Cranberry Facial Scrub and the Italian Red Mandarin with Rose Facial Cream. These are the best face products I've ever used.

Melissa Cowan
Valparaiso, IN




Stimulator Herbal Shampoo

I have tried so many herbal shampoos that haven't been very good, this one is different. My hair felt squeeky clean and it was still soft and shiny. Thanks, Sarah

Loved it! can't do without this now and the conditioner is magic. Karen, London

Love the mildness of this formulation, yet it cleans and leaves my hair more volumised, looking healthier and the growth is better. Great shampoo and the conditioner is just divine, hair was so so soft!    Amanda Little







Stimulator Lotion

Great product! i bought this for my husband as his hair is thinning and this has really helped it slow down. well done Fushi!

Stimulator Lotion, “This is a small miracle in a bottle!” Ramesh, Mumbai








Scalp Soother Oil

Scalp Soother Oil, “It really helped, I have eczema on my scalp and this was the best hair care treatment for me so far” Amanda White










Really Good Hair Oil

I bought several items from Fushi on a KGB offers deal. I'm glad to say none of them has disappointed. High grade ingredients and value for money. this hair oil is superb. I was concerned it might leave my hair a little greasy, but it sinks straight into the hair and nourishes from root to tip. I have dry, processed hair and this oil has restored it's original softness, moisture and lustre. It smells gorgeous too. I have fine, caucasian hair, I need to add. I either massage this into my scalp and hair and leave on overnight, or wrap in a hot towel for an hour. Both work wonders. Simply shampoo out and condition as normal, and it is true, you won't be able to stop touching your hair.






Huiles & Baumes Morning Cream

A great way to greet the day is with Huiles & Baumes Face Cream. Even if you've had a killer night you can hum "Put on a Happy Face" as you gently massage this pampersome emollient onto your face and neck. It's soothing, smoothing, and oh, so rejuvenating. What's the first thing I notice about most skin care items when opening the jar, tube or bottle? The scent of course. Is it fragrance free? If there is a scent, what is it? This Morning Cream has a divinely subtle fragrance of Chamomile and Sandalwood - very natural, pleasantly uplifting scents that do much to improve my oh-how-I-hate-to-get-out-of-bed attitude. Yes, yes, I'm a Francophile so I knew a cream made in the French Alps would be superlative, and it is. It's very light yet immediately penetrates skin to provide all day hydration. (Don't you hate those heavy potions? They may be highly touted but they just sit on your skin, pulling it down! I'll mention no names)! Infused with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, the cream is soothing to the nth, while Rose Hip Oil rescues as it repairs and rejuvenates. Huiles & Baumes was at the fore in recognizing the quality and efficacy of organic products. Thus their complete line contains absolutely no parabens, preservatives or synthetic ingredients. All items are 100 percent natural and organic - and the ones I've tried are 100% good for me! - Gail Cooke





Cleasing Cream

Makeup Addict says I almost did not care if Huiles & Baumes ~ Cleansing Cream worked - it smells so good!!  I am not quite sure what it is -- but the almond oil is definitely part of it -- and it is heavenly.  However, it does not just have a great fragrance -- it cleanses, purifies, and moisturizes all at the same time.  You just need a little bit to do the job -- it removes makeup along with the days contaminants -- but it does everything gently.  It does hard work but does not harm your skin or dry it out.  Actually - it does the opposite -- helps your skin.  My skin feels nice and moisturized, and silky soft.  The only danger might  be leaving it on too long as it just smells so wonderful.  Seriously, you cannot go wrong, Huiles & Baumes -Cleansing Cream is a product that works great, has a fantastic fragrance, and moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft and silky.